In September 2016, Newsweek reported that the hotel company of the then-future president, Donald Trump, had violated the embargo and spent at least $US 68,000 on his 1998 trip to Cuba without the approval of the U.S. government. With Trump`s knowledge, executives have the money for the trip to Cuba through a U.S. consulting firm called Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corp. After the company consultants went to Cuba to oversee the cost of the project, the executive of Trump`s company, at the time Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, told Seven Arrow how to make it legal by linking it to a charity after the fact. [68] [69] Critics say that one of the main problems with the embargo is that the United States is the only major country to have imposed such an embargo on Cuba. Cuba continues to receive tourists and businesses from other countries, making the embargo both illegitimate and unnecessary. [66] Despite the embargo, Cuba can and does international trade with many countries, including many American allies; However, U.S. companies that trade in Cuba do so at the risk of U.S.

sanctions. [6] Cuba has been a member of the World Trade Organization since 1995. [7] Cuba`s largest trading partner is Cuba and the United States is Cuba`s fifth largest exporter (6.6% of Cuban imports come from the United States). [8] However, Cuba must pay in cash for all imports, as credit is not allowed. [9] Some exports to Cuba must be authorized by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the Ministry of Commerce. The BIS website contains more information on exports to Cuba. Most imports from Cuba and other Cuban products (. B for example, purchased in Cuba, purchased by other means or purchased in a third country) are prohibited, although the importation of information and information materials of Cuban origin (.

B for example, films, posters, photographs, tapes, CDs and certain works of art) is not prohibited. The export to Cuba of certain goods to improve living conditions, support independent economic activities, strengthen civil society, improve the free flow of information and facilitate legitimate movement and trade is generally permitted without a licence. In addition, some goods and services manufactured by independent Cuban contractors may be produced in the United States – for more information, see the State Department list at Section 515.582.


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